Dejavu 150 Densité Bandeau Perruque Perruques de Cheveux Humains 8-26 Pouces Perruque Brésilienne Perruques de Cheveux Remy Droite Cheveux Perruques pour Femme Noire


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  • Homme Type De Cheveux: Cheveux Brésiliens
  • Matériel De Qualité: Cheveux Remy
  • Le Nom De La Marque: dejavu
  • Taille De Chapeau: Taille Moyenne
  • La Texture: Droite
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
Timoshuk Inna
Omg I love this hair! It’s absolutely soft and super straight right out the package! Barely any shedding and it’s 20inches long. I love me some long hair. I left my edges out to make it look more natural but you can cover them too if that’s your preference. They send a headband with the wig, chosen randomly of course that’s the one I’m wearing in the picture. But look I recommend this hair, u can wear it up,down. It’s a good wig. Get you one!!! Plus it’s affordable too.
Nass Tradamus
5***** This is the absolute most favorite wig I have ever purchased. It is silky straight and zero tangling. I have bought human hair wigs before that tangled so badly they could not even be worn. This wig has no issues at all like that. It looks so natural . I will be coming back and ordering in the future. This is now my only place I will purchase wigs. The bangs are perfect too. I just wet a small roller brush and put hair dryer on low to slightly curl them under and they lay so beautiful. I am in loveeeee. I loved this wig so much I just purchased another in a 24 inch last picture in sundress shows the longer length
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